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Vanished header [October 05, 2006 @ 12:39pm]


Heres a vanished header a did when the show first started. I was keeping it so it could be used for the vanished_tv community, but it never got there.
Since reading all the spoilers I guess it just seems fitting to not hide it anymore, its probably a little late but Im hoping it might still get used.
Love to know what you think.

793x300 - 61 K

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Affiliates [August 24, 2006 @ 7:30pm]

If you want to be one of our affiliates then leave a comment here with:

- Your group name.

- Link to the journal/site.

The site has to be about the actors or the show itself.

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Welcome [August 24, 2006 @ 11:36pm]

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Hey everyone, we are the mods and creators of this community. babylonqueen & marilla_pm67 and we are glad that so many of you liked the idea for this community,

We will setting up a Memories section as well, you do not need to put your posts in the memories we will do that when we see your posts.

We are looking forward to see a lot of great graphics and layouts in this community.

Welcome to vanished_kunst, this community is for all people who want to share their art :

- Icons
- Banners
- FO Banners
- Headers
- Walls
- Layout

Based on the new TV-Show called 'Vanished'

Join the Community

Everyone is Welcomed

Basic Rules :
Be nice - Comment - Credit

Seve  & Sam

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